Autumn Festivals In Japan (Towada, Sapporo And Hanamaki)

Matsuri is the Japanese word for “festival” and there are many matsuri in Japan, each of which has its own distinct characteristics. Some have religious roots and are sponsored by temples or shrines while others are purely for entertainment purposes. Attending a matsuri is an exciting experience for visitors and here are a few that are held in Autumn:

The Hanamaki Festival

The Hanamaki Festival features beautifully decorated floats, live music, traditional dances like the Deer Dance, and many mikoshi (portable shrines). This festival has been held for more than 400 years.

When: September 8-10 , 2017

Where: 5-33 Kamicho, Hanamaki, Iwate

The Sapporo Autumn Festival

The Sapporo Autumn Festival celebrates different foods from all over Hokkaido. Each booth serves up popular dishes, such as ramen, made using local ingredients and you can taste delicacies from every corner of Hokkaido.

When: September 9 -30, 2017

Where: Odori Park from 4-chome to 11-chome, Sapporo, Hokkaido

The Towada Autumn Festival

The Towada Autumn Festival (Towada-shi Aki Matsuri) features elaborately decorated floats called dashi. Some floats carry teams of drummers who perform dance moves to their beats.

When: September 8-10, 2017

Where: Former National Highway No. 4 (Sanbongi Main Street), Administrative

District Street (Piece Highway), Towada, Aomori

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