Let's enjoy learning Japanese with videos

A video lineup of about 1,000 videos.
You can study JLPT exam preparation and business Japanese with "videos".

For Bussiness

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Includes more than 1,000 lecture videos and hundreds of JLPT Quizzes. You can also create your own question sets or movies!

Review what you learned in school!

You can review in your free time! More than 1,000 lecture videos on Japanese. Includes questions to practice for JLPT.

Also for corporations!

Useful for firms that hire foreigners. We will provide videos as LMS to corporations.

Well Experienced Teachers

Well experienced teachers will teach thoroughly.


We provide our own textbooks that prepares learners for JLPT and it is possible to create your own questions.


Learn at Your Own Pace

For students who are tired of taking man to man online lessons. Classes that are delivered can be rewatched anytime so you do not have to mind your schedule to take classes.

For Corporations

From now on it is expected that there will be a dynamic increase of foreign workers in Japan and Japanese language education is going to be in need. We provide our services to firms that have many foreigners, firms that have issues with the specific skill test, Japanese language schools, institutions that take technical interns.

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Free Videos

Level Check Test (about 150 questions)

JLPT Vocabulary List (about 5000 words)

Premium plan

¥990 / month

Access All Videos(Unlimited) (over 1,000 videos)

Level Check Test (about 150 questions)

JLPT Vocabulary List (about 5000 words)


For Corporations


Customized Lecture Videos For Corporations With Foreigners

Upload Your Own Videos

Production Request of Educational Videos

Create Own Tests

Watch All Lectures of BondLingo

Includes All JLPT Tests of BondLingo


Can be also used on browsers. Can login from both PC and smartphones using the same account. For people who want to learn casually you can learn using your smartphones when you have limited free time. </bc>For people who want to learn seriously we recommend studying on the desk using a PC.
For people living overseas it is inconvenient how they cannot find Japanese Language Schools close to their place or need to pay for expensive classes. </br> You can take quality classes anywhere in the world using the internet. It is possible to learn with only ¥990 yen per month.
We provide the most apporpriate bulk plan for firms. By having numerous students register together to our website we offer discounts or provide special video lessons only for firms.</br> We look forward to contacts from firms that have many foreigners or looking for a way to teach Japanese to their employees.
It is predicted that there will be more foreign employees in Japanese companies and companies will need to take measures for this change. Language education is one of the essential measures that need to be taken and this would cost a lot. </br> In this sort of situation our service will come in handy to teach Japanese efficiently and cheaply.

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