The Power of Flash cards For Japanese learners !

Over the years I have found some study methods to be more effective than others. However, when it comes to vocabulary there is only one way to go … Anki Cards.
No, I don’t mean the App on your phone or the programme on your PC, I mean real tangible flash cards that you can physically write on and take with you everywhere.

Over the past 4 years of my study journey I have built up around 50 sets of these cards each with about 70 separate cards. I write the English word on one side and the Japanese equivalent on the other and try and go through each card back to back

I take words I’ve learned from textbooks, manga, TV shows and put write them all into my Anki flash cards.

The benefits of using flash cards like this are so amazing. You can literally take them anywhere. Get into the habit of studying with them on the bus, on the train, while walking, travelling etc. They make a great substitute for your phone.

  • Tip 1: Go through them looking at the English first before guessing what the Japanese is.
  • Tip 2: Go through them looking at the Japanese first before guessing what the English is.
  • Tip 3: Take them everywhere with you and try to study as much as you can.

Once you create the habit of reviewing these cards day in and day out, it almost becomes addictive. If you can aim to add 5 – 6 words to you decks every day you should have over 1000 words of extended vocabulary per year. As long as you remember to spend 10 – 15 minutes a day reviewing your flash cards they should be easily retained in your amazing memory.

You can find these here:

Happy studying everyone and I hope this helps you in your Japanese quest!

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