Hi everyone in this lesson we will learn different Japanese words on kanji. Family is extremely important for Japanese people just like in most of the other countries.

Family in Japanese is “家族(かぞく)”. There is a similar word called “家庭(かてい)”, but this means household.

Japanese Words on Family

Ex)“I want to spend time with my family on Christmas.” → 「クリスマスは家族(かぞく)で過(す)ごしたい。」 

     “Many households have a vacuum in their house.” → 「多(おお)くの家庭(かてい)は家(いえ)に掃除機(そうじき)がある。」

Here is a list of words for all the family members.

English Japanese
Father 父親(ちちおや)、お父(とう)さん、父(ちち)、パパ
Mother 母親(ははおや)、お母(かあ)さん、母(はは)、ママ
Little sister 妹(いもうと)
Big sister 姉(あね)、お姉(ねえ)ちゃん、お姉(ねえ)さん
Little brother 弟(おとうと)
Big brother 兄(あに)、お兄(にい)ちゃん、お兄(にい)さん
Son 息子(むすこ)
Daughter 娘(むすめ)
Children 子(こ)ども、子
Grandmother おばあちゃん、おばあさん、祖母(そぼ)
Grandfather おじいちゃん、おじいさん、祖父(そふ)
Cousin いとこ
Uncle おじ、おじさん
Aunt おば、おばさん
Niece めい
Nephew おい

These are the words for each family members. Note that we have different words for little brother/sister and big brother/sister.

“おばさん”, “おじさん”, “おばあさん”, “おじいさん” are used to express how old someone is. “おばさん”, “おじさん” can mean someone in the middle age and “おばあさん”, “おじいさん” can mean someone in the old age.

Ex)“That old lady is sleeping in the train.” → 「あのおばあさん電車で寝てるよ。」

      “I feel like I’m becoming a middle aged man. My back really hurts these days. 「もうおじさんになったなー。腰が最近本当に痛い。」

We have a word to insult someone old in Japanese. It is “ばばあ” and “じじい”. “ばばあ” is for women and it comes from the word “おばさん” or “おばあちゃん”. “じじい” is for men and it comes from the word “おじさん” or “おじいちゃん”.

Ex)“That old lady tried to punch me!” → 「あのばばあが俺(おれ)のことを殴(なぐ)ろうとした!」

For “子ども” we also use it to express how young or childish someone is. A more insulting way of saying expressing that someone is young or childish is “ガキ”

Ex)“His way of thinking is childish” → 「彼(かれ)の考(かんが)え方(かた)が子どもだ。」

      “That kid stole things from my house.” → あのガキが俺(おれ)の家(いえ)のものを盗(ぬす)んで行(い)った。

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