Finally found the Japanese man/woman of your dreams? Well, have we got the thing for you! ナンパしましょう!(nampashimashou: let’s pick-up/flirt with people!)

(Disclaimer: we are not held responsible for any expenses and/or dates paid for by an unsuccessful reader)

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Getting your sweetheart with a little bit of sweet talking

Depending on where you are and who you’re with, flirting and picking-up the apple of your eye can be a difficult task to do. Here are a few things you can use to make your sweetheart blush from head to toe. 自信があったら大丈夫だと思う Hopefully, these words and phrases can help you ナンパする(nanpasuru: to hit on/flirt) your way into their hearts.! 頑張って(ganbatte: do your best)!

10. The club/bar pick-up line that any man or woman can use! 

If they don’t end up buying you a drink, it’s cheesy enough to make the other person laugh and talk to you. Commit and be smooth!

A. きみ貸しがあるでしょ?
   B. え?!なんで?
A.あなたを見たとき私は私の飲み物を落とした。すげえー 美しい・カッコイイ!

A. Kimi,Kashigaaruyo!
B. Eh? Nande?
A. Anata wo mita toki watashi wa watashi no nomimono wo otoshita. Suge utsukushi/kakkoii!
A. Hey. you owe me a drink
B: Huh? Why?
A. I dropped my drink when I saw you. You are so beautiful/cool!

9.  Cringe or Funny?

This  one can either do good and make the other person laugh or could land you a snarky remark! Set this up by talking with

Itsu kekkonshitai?
When do you want to get married?

8. Multilingual pick-up line

Technically, this is an English pick-up line but honestly, this would definitely bring a smile to anyone you say it to!

A. 携帯おかしいなあ-        B. え?なんで?大丈夫? C. まだ君の電話番号が入れてないから壊れた。じゃあ 番号 教えてもらっていい?A. Keitai okashii na
B. E? Nande? Daijyoubu?
C. Mada kimi no denwabango ga ire tenaikara kowareta. Jya bango oshiete moratte ii?
A. My phone is being weird.
B. Huh? Why? Is it okay?
C. It’s broken because you haven’t entered your phone number yet. Well, can you tell me your number then?

7. A classic oldie but goodie

This is a very good way to grab anyone’s attention! Obviously, you don’t have to know the other person you’re saying this to but it would be a great ice breaker.

Mae ni atta koto ga aru?
Have we met before?

6. Compliment them!

You don’t have to use fancy words to impress your love interest. Compliment what they’re wearing or well, be creative about it!

Sono_____, ni atteru.
That_______looks great on you/suits you.


Sono megane ni atteru.
Those glasses look great on you/suits you.

5. Compare and contrast

Anata wa ______ yori ________.
You are more ______ than ______.


Anata wa hana yori kirei.
You are more beautiful than flowers.

4. Be straight to the point!

For him, it’s better to tell them they’re cool (カッコイイ:kakkoii) or handsome (ハンサム: hansamu), while for her, telling them they’re cute(かわいい:kawaii) and beautiful (キレイ:kireii) would surely make them blush.

Anata wa hontoni ______ da ne.
You really are ____.


Anata wa hontoni kirei da ne
You really are beautiful.

3. Use the fact that you’re a gaijin! Learn Japanese together 😉

Boku/Watashi no nihonggo no sensei ni natte kureru?
Will you become my Japanese teacher?

2. Break the ice, get a picture and slide through their DM’s!

This is actually quite useful so use it to your advantage!

A. 一緒に写真撮りましょう。       B. えーなんで?
A. すごく美人・カッコイイだからモデルさんだと思う。
A. インスター・ラインがありますか?写真を送りたい。
A. Issho ni shashin torimashou.
B. Eh. Nande?
A. Sugoku bijin/ kakkoii dakara moderu-san da to omou.
A. Insuta/ Rain ga arimasu ka? Shashin o okuritai.
A. Lets take a photo together.
B. Huh? Why?
A. You are beautiful/cool so I thought you were a model.
A. Do you have Instagram/Line? I want to send you the photo


I know you are expecting another cheesy pick-up line but honestly, saying hello is the BEST pick-up line you can use. Nothing beats being natural and direct! 

Flirting in the land of the rising sun

Do’s and don’ts

Although flirting is considered a universal thing, you have to consider the fact that Japan is culturally different and what may be considered normal to foreigners, can be considered weird or rude by Japanese people. 転ばぬ先の杖! (korobanu saki no tsue: use a cane before falling/better safe than sorry)

  • DO be a gentleman/lady
  • DO NOT show too much PDA
  • DO be respectful of personal space– ask permission first!
  • 自信が重要です (Jishin ga juyodesu: Confidence is important!)
  • DO ask a lot about your love interest– get to know them!

Ask about their 好きと嫌い’s (suki to kirai: likes and dislikes) to know them better and to make sure they know you are interested!

Suki/Kirai na________wa nan desuka?
What _______ do you like/dislike?

DO NOT be overly informal and be polite

If you haven’t known this person for a long time, use ます・です・さん (masu, desu, san) when formulating your sentences. 


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