Hey guys today we are going to be looking at the top Japanese learning resources for 2021! No matter your level, these resources are going to help you take your Japanese to the next level this year. 

We will be looking at a number of resources covering all aspects of the spectrum including reading, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and more.

We will also be including the links for you to have instant access to the resources mentioned in todays article. 

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The best place to learn Japanese in 2021

So, let’s get started and look at the the top Japanese learning resources to supercharge your Japanese in 2021

Speaking the lingo and making friends with Hello Talk


Hello Talk is our first resource on the list as it is a fantastic free app for improving all aspects of communication in Japanese. You can make Japanese friends who also want to learn english, send messages, translate words you don’t understand and also have audio and video calls to help improve your Japanese. Creating connection with people in your target language is really important as it creates more opportunity to talk. Also as your relationships improve you are able to speak more freely and get more comfortable with making mistakes and asking for help. This is an app that you need to be downloading right now! 

Online Lessons to build confidence with Italki 


Italki is our second resource on the list and is a really amazing platform for taking cheap online Japanese lessons from both professional or community teachers. You sign up, select from 100s of teachers and pick a time to suit you. THese lessons are extremely cost effective and will help you immensely with a more structured form of education. Establishing a weekly routine of formal lessons in this way will really give you a structured plan with your progress, 

Building your vocabulary with Jisho 


Next we have jisho.org which is a fantastic website to look up both English and Japanese words. It is an online dictionary that is user friendly and very comprehensive. The best thing about this resource is that you can not only see words you want to find out about, you can also look them up in sentences so you can have more context around the word and practice sentences to use moving forward. You can look up both words and kanji here which is also why we have this in our list of fantastic resources.

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Getting into the grammar game with Genki 


Now, if you are more of a beginner this is going to be the ideal place for you to get started on your Japanese journey, The Genki text book series is the absolute holy grail of Japanese textbook learning and is perfect for building up your knowledge from 0. The text books include a range of exercise and lesson structures that keep your attention and bring the best out of you. Once you have finished these 2 series you should have a great foundational knowledge of Japanese. The textbooks are a little expensive but on the whole so worth it. They teach hiragana, katakana and some basic Kanji to get you started. 

Reading your way to the top with NHK News 


Our next recourse is to help you focus on your reading, The NHK easy news website is a really accessible and versatile platform that features thousands of news articles written in, you guessed it, easy Japanese. You can choose to remove the furigana too for the more advanced readers out there.Reading a couple of articles each day will keep your reading skills sharp and allow you to vastly improve on a weekly basis. Also it’s a pretty great way to keep up to date on the recent happenings in life. 

Daily kanji mastery with WaniKani 


Our penultimate resource focuses on Kanji. WankiKani is an amazing platform and app that you can use to expand your Kanji knowledge to the level of master. Wanikani makes it effortless to learn Kanji on a daily basis. Through clever visual techniques and story based links, Kanji learning becomes a creative adventure removing the monotony of the Kanji grind. If you have struggled with kanji in the past we highly recommend giving this a try, we think you will be extremely surprised with the speed of results. 

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Feel free to explore our site and get in touch if you have any more questions. 

We really hope that you enjoyed our list of Japanese resources for 2021. Using a combination of all of these resources will really help you to break through your current limits and excel into a new level. We recommend that you stick with what works for you and to keep an open mind when trying out some of the resources and methods. If something isn’t working or you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other resources out there at your fingertips. 

We hope you have enjoyed today’s online Japanese article and look forward to seeing you again, If you have any questions or comments about today’s content please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Learn Japanese Online with BondLingo

Learn Japanese Online with BondLingo


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