The Tohoku region, which is located in the Northeast of Japan, consists of 6 prefectures: Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata. This region is famous for its remote and scenic sites.

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One of the most famous and popular festivals in this region is located in Miyagi Prefecture, in the city of Sendai. This festival is called the “Sendai Tanabata Festival”. In English, it is known as the “Star Festival”, and the main attraction is the very colorful streamers.

Each one is made by hand and is around 3 to 5 meters long! Some of the decorations could be cranes for longevity, health, and safety; and paper strips for good handwriting. The reason why this festival is celebrated is due to the Chinese legend, which states that the two stars Altair and Vega cross paths on the 7th day of the 7th month.

Besides the festival, Tohoku is also famous for the traditional Japanese cuisines (seafood especially) and hot springs.

So, if you are interested in doing your studies in the Tohoku region, here are some recommendations!

Study in Tohoku : Tohoku University

Tohoku University is located in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, and was founded in 1907. It was created during the Imperial Japanese era as one of the 7 Imperial universities. Tohoku University is still one of the most prestigious universities in Japan and is ranked as one of the top fifty best universities in the world. The university student population consists of around 11,000 undergraduate students, 7,700 postgraduate students, and 1,400 international students.

For those who do not want to commit to a full four-year university program, no worries! There are foreign exchange programs available by the Tohoku University, which boasts around 700 universities around the world. If financial assistance is also a worry, again no worries. They even have four major scholarships available for foreign students.

Tohoku University offers the following programs taught in English:


  1. Faculty of Science
    1. Dept. of Chemistry
  2. School of Engineering
    1. Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  3. Faculty of Agriculture
    1. Dept. of Applied Biosciences


  1. Graduate School of Economics and Management
    1. Dept. of Economics and Management
  2. Graduate School of Science
    1. Dept. of Mathematics
    2. Dept. of Geophysics
    3. Dept. of Astronomy
    4. Dept. of Physics
    5. Dept. of Chemistry
    6. Dept. of Earth Science
  3. Graduate School of Life Sciences
    1. Integrative Life Sciences
    2. Ecological Developmental Adaptability Life Sciences
    3. Molecular and Chemical Life Sciences
  4. Graduate School of Medicine
    1. Dept. of Medical Sciences
    2. Dept. of Medical Sciences / Dept. School of Public Health
  5. Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
    1. International Graduate Program in Language Sciences
  6. Graduate School of Environmental Studies
    1. International Environmental Leadership Program
    2. Doctoral Program (International Environmental Leadership Program)
    3. “Human Security and Society” Program

Other (Professional etc.)

  1. Graduate School of Science
    1. Accounting School International Graduate School of Accounting Policy

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