So today we are looking at 2 particles.

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Japanese Particles も Mo and と To

The first is と
This Japanese particle lets you express “and” or “with”.
For example: りんご と バナナ = apple and banana
you use it just like how we use and in English, in between the words.

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Watashi wa ringo to banana ga suki desu
I like apples and bananas

The Japanese particle と can also be used to say “with” or “together with”.

Watashi wa Okaasan to iku
I go with my mother

In this case the と goes after the person you’re doing something together with.

Now onto Mo – も is like the English words “too” or “also.”
私も(Watashi mo!) means Me too! So again the Mo particle comes after what you want to express – Watashi mo – Me Also

In this example, you are talking with your friend about your favourite animals. Your friend says:

Watashi wa neko ga suki desu
I like cats.

You like cats too, so you say:

Watashi mo Neko ga suki desu
I like cats too.

When using mo it will replace other particles that would normally be there for examples

Watashi wa Okaasan ga suki desu = I like my mother
Watashi wa Okaasan mo suki desu = I like my mother also
You wouldn’t say: watashi wa okaasan mo ga suki desu,

Let’s move onto the sentences to really enforce what we’ve learnt.

Watashi wa niku to yasai ga suki desu
I like meat and vegetables
Anata mo Amerikajin desu ka?
Are you American too?
Watashi wa niku mo suki desu.
I like meat also
Kōhī ga suki desu. Ocha mo suki desu.
I like coffee. I also like tea.
Watashi wa Aya san to Maiku san ga suki desu
I like Aya and mike
Risa san mo suki desu
I also like Risa
Ashita, nakama to iku
I’ll go with my close friend tomorrow

Great job today everyone as be sure to practice your Mo’s and To’s as it will be a great foundation for your Japanese as you improve in the future.

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