about gaming lingo in Japanese. We will be showing you all the essential need-to-know vocab to enhance your Japanese gaming experience. Whether you’re a nintendo nut, Sony freak or Microsoft geek, we’ve got you covered with today’s lesson. 

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Learning new Japanese words relating to gaming

The layout of today’s lesson will be a little bit different to our usual setup. As this will be vocab specific we will be laying out the 13 most popular words and talking a little bit more about them. At the end of today’s lesson we will share with you a useful study technique that you can use to really remember all of today’s material too. 

This will be in 2 sections: 

  • General gaming lingo 

A nice overview to give you some good foundational gaming lingo knowledge bank

Let’s learn about the vocabulary of fighting in Japanese gaming. 

Gamers get ready, we are about to enhance your gaming experience forever! 

Fighting vocabulary in Japanese 

Let’s learn about the vocabulary of fighting in Japanese gaming. 

Here we are going to look at some general vocabulary that can be interchangeable across most games. Make sure to note down the words of specific interest to you as we go along too. We are going to start by looking at:


This is our first word of the day which is スキル. Written in Katakana you can use this word to talk about your skill or level レベル. Very close to english so this is a very easy one to start off with, 

a game; a match 

しあい means game or match. You could have a しあい on FIFA, COD and Fortnite. We are sure you could think of many more. 


In games you need experience to level up. You can refer to this kind of experience as けいけんち. This is very handy especially in MMO’s and other roleplaying games. 

early game, mid-game, end game

Whether you have just started a game, half way through, or at the final stages, you can use these words to tell people of your progress in a specific game. This is a really handy set of words to know.

the final portion of the game

When you reach that exciting part of the game leading up the the end you can use this very simple katakana word to express that. 


Annoying or interesting? I guess it all depends on which game you are playing really. This word is used to describe a cut scene.

to complete a game 

After investing all of those hours and thumb sweat you have finally finished the game. You can use the verb クリアする to say that you have finished the game. 

So that’s it general vocab wrapped up let’s move onto the next section of the lesson 

Now we are going to get down with some more exciting vocabulary. When it comes to fighting games this is the real juicy stuff that you are going to need to know. 

last boss 

Take your sword and grab your shield it’s time for the last boss. Whether it’s Bowser or Gannondorf you can say ラスボス in Japanese to describe the ultimate Foe.


A staple in ny warriors dictionary is こうげき, which means attack, You can use this to ask things like, “what attack was that?” or “What is your best attack”.


Now on a very similar subject we have derfence ぼうぎょ which can be used in the same way as our last attack noun. 


あいて is a noun used to desicribe your opponent in Japanese. You could use it to say things like “you are my opponent” or “I am about to face my opponent” etc. 

weak enemy 

If you are about to come up against a daily weak opponent that you are not to worries about you can use ざこ to describe them as so. However, should you really be underestimating anyone? Can you take that chance ? 

insta-kill attack; most powerful attack

This is the ULTIMATE move, the Kamehameha of the gaming world. You can use this word to describe your character’s final finishing move. It’s a classic noun that you HAVE to know.

An effective study technique that you can use to master all of today’s vocab

Make sure you don’t forget them any time soon 

The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else and also to start using it as soon as possible in relevant situations. 

  1. Start by writing out all of today’s vocabulary words 
  2. Now add them into a flash card system and drill them for a few days 
  3. Teach these words to another person and tell them when and how to use them 
  4. Start using these words while you are gaming. Notice the words that relate 

It’s much better to have learnt something properly so you don’t forget it again later. If you end up learning things too fast and with not enough time it will be really hard to retain that information. This is a great way to cement these words in your mind forever. 

So guys that brings us to the end of today’s online Japanese lesson from Bonlingo onf gaming lingo. We hope that you can now use some awesome gaming lingo that we talked about today and be sure to not skip over the technique too. That is arguably the most important part of the lesson.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on content that you would like to hear from us next be sure to get in touch with us. As always, keep up the good work and we will see you in the next online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo