How to learn all the Hiragana in one day : Hey guys, welcome to another awesome online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo. Today we are going to be looking at how to learn all of the Hiragana in one day, yep that’s right, one day! We are going to be looking at some amazing techniques and study methods you can put into practice to ensure that you can get through all of the Hiragana in just 24 hours.

Learn Hiragana(Japanese characters) – The most beautiful ALL 46 Hiraganas by handwriting

Learning how to master all of the Japanese Hiragana in one day

We will be looking mainly at the techniques and will be providing a routine for this. We would suggest that you put yourself a full day a side of this challenge with no distractions. First let’s have a look at what the Hiragana is first.

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What is the Hiragana?

 There are 3 different writings in the Japanese language There’s the hiragana and katakana, which have characters for each syllable. Then there’s the Kanji which are like small pictographs that represent meanings, there are tens of thousands of Kanji but only 46 hiragana, so that’s fantastic.

The Japanese language uses a combination of all 3, however, the hiragana is definitely the first writing system you should learn as you can basically communicate with just Hiragana if you would like to.

Let’s look at the Hiragana

Here is a chart for you to refer to, containing all of the hiragana. There are 46 in total so start by just reading through and familiarising yourself with all of the syllable sounds. Read them out to yourself a few times to get used to the way there sounds and get used to how your mouth moves when you speak.


Great job. As you can probably see by now, each row is starts with a certain letter and follows a similar pattern




What we are going to do now is look at the first line and show you how to really get to grips with learning the hiragana, line by line.

An effective technique for remembering the hiragana

A line by line approach is most definitely the best way to effectively learn the hiragana. The real key is creating stories to help you link the shapes to the correct sounds.

Take a look at these few examples:

HiraganaEnglish SoundStory
aIt looks like “A” pretzel
I (ee)Looks like 2 letter “I”’s
uLooks like an u on its side with a line on top
E (eh)Looks like an E with the 3 horizontal lines
O (oh)Looks like a bicycle, “O” that’s a nice bike.

If you can create these memorable types of stories for each hiragana you will be well on your way to mastery in no time.

We would say that you should spend 2 hours creating unique stories for all 46 of the Hiragana. Some can be difficult, but you will also be able to find a lot more online too so if you get stuck for inspiration head to google for ideas.

Once you have completed this with the A あ row, move on and start with the ka か row. This way you will have a nice easy to digest system in place that can really fire you to victory.

Once you have completed all of the rows you should try and test yourself. Create a set of flash cards that have the English sound on one side and the Japanese hiragana character on the other. Eliminate the ones that are easy for you and then just focus on the ones that are hard for the rest of the time.

This should take around 2 hours to complete to mastery with a few small breaks in between.

Now finally move on and try to write as many Japanese words as you know in hiragana. This is a fantastic exercise for you to help you master the hiragana in 24 hours.

Other rules of the Hiragana alphabet

Now there are a few other rules with hiragana that you are going to need to learn before you can master it completely.

These are:

The Dakutenがwhich is the 2 small lines on the upper right of the kanji and the small circleぽ in the same location. This changes the sound of the kanji and can be seen in the chart below.

The combination hiragana: やゃ ゆゅ よょwhich alter the ending sound of the hiragana

The small っ which turns things into a double consonant.


So guys that’s it, you now have all the tools you need to master the hiragana in 24 hours. We will see you in the next online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo where we will be looking at Katakana

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