Did you noticed that when you started off on a your journey towards mastering Japanese goal you felt super inspired, full of energy and motivation? You learnt a lot of things quickly, felt good about your progress and really enjoyed your study time.

Well as you’ve probably already found out this certainly doesn’t last forever. Progress starts to slow, you start to lose motivation to study and end up asking yourself “why am I doing this”

Well my friends, I know your pain, and with my 3 trusty tips, I should be able to get you out of this slump and back in love with your studies.

Tip One: Habit

Firstly, you have to remember that motivation is only there to get you going. Discipline and habit are what achieve results. You must set yourself a daily goal, whether it be 10 minutes or 3 hours and stick to it! Whether you feel like it or not, you must stick to it and let nothing get in your way. I promise you after 4 – 5 times of forcing yourself to get into the habit, you will really start to enjoy it and even feel lost without your daily study ritual.

Tip Two: WHY

Our bodies and minds work best when we can see the reward at the end of our efforts. You need to make a list of all the reasons Why you wanted to learn Japanese in the first place and what you can achieve through the mastery of it. Want to read Japanese books like a boss? Land that dream job in Japan?  Or the classic, “watch anime without subs.” Create the list of WHY’S for yourself and repeat it to yourself every day. This will help your brain reinforce why you’re putting yourself through all the study hours and help you achieve your goals in no time.

Tip Three: Change it up

You are bound to get bored of doing the same anki drills, going over the same grammar points and kanji lists, so why not change it up? The same methods bring the same results, so you need to keep things fresh and your mind challenged to achieve new heights. Read story books appropriate to your level, write creative stories around crazy situations, use apps like “hello talk” to talk to natives who also want to speak with you. Coming up with new ways to learn is extremely important for your progress so I recommend you get started right away.

So there we have it, my 3 tips to getting out of a study rut, get off your ass and claim the Japanese ability you so rightly deserve.

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