An essential product in Japan is the face mask.

People wear masks all year round. These face mask helps keep germs to yourself when you are sick and also help keeps your throat from becoming dry.

People wear face masks even when they are not sick to prevent them from breathing in other people’s germs.
In the spring time, people wear masks to keep out pollen because a large percentage of Japanese people suffer from hay fever or “kafunshou” in Japanese.

Plain white face mask that cover your nose and mouth can be found at local convenient stores as well as super markets and, of course, drug stores.
These places sell masks for children and adults with “normal” size faces or “smaller” faces.

For people who are more style conscious, there are many fashionable and cute face mask to choose from.
From cute characters like cats to more famous characters, like Sailor Moon, to cool patterns that will appeal to any age and gender.
There will definitely be a mask that will suit any taste and to match any outfit.

Masks don’t end with just being a fashion statement; some mask are also scented.
There are mask that come in camomille, lavandar and rose scents.

Masks usually come in a pack of 3 or more and the price ranges from 300yen to 600yen.

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