Hey guys, how are you today? Boy do we have an awesome lesson coming your way. We are going to be working with “いらない(Iranai)” which means “don’t need” or “not needed” in Japanese. This is a great way to let someone know that you’re good and you don’t need what they’ve got!

First we are going to start by looking at the the phrase and how it is conjugated. Next we will look at how to implement it in a sentence. After that, we will drill some examples and finally move onto a great study technique you can use moving forward. Are you ready? You don’t need to tell us twice. Let’s get into the lesson guys!

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Let’s look at いらない Iranai and it’s conjugations

Iranai comes from iru, “to need”. Take a look at this table below to learn all the conjugations and forms. This is going to be really helpful for creating more options in your speech.

Iruいる要るTo need
Iranaiいらない要らないTo not need
Irimasuいります要りますTo need (polite)
Irimasenいりません要りませんTo not need (polite)

As you can see, it will depend on the situation as to where you use each different form. If it is a formal situation, you would use いります and いりません, however, if it was a casual context you should use いらない(Iranai) and いる. Be sure to be careful when deciding which form to use.

We will now look at creating a sentence and the various different popular situations where “Iranai(いらない)” can be used.

Creating an いらない Iranai sentence

Let’s start by creating a simple sentence. Imagine you are at a supermarket, buying some groceries, and the checkout assistant asks you if you would like a bag for your groceries. If you only have a few things and you can carry them, you can say:

Fukuro wa Irimasen
There’s no need for a bag

Looking at the make up of this sentence, it becomes quite clear what you need to do. Firstly, you state the item that you don’t need. Then you add the particle は to indicate that item and finally add いりません to say “don’t need”. It can mean “I don’t need” or “not needed”.

Lets now have a look at some other examples of how you can use “iranai(いらない)” in different situations.

Example Sentences with いらない(Iranai)

If someone is offering you chocolate, but you’re on a diet, you can use this next phrase to let them know that!

Chokore-to wa iranai
I don’t need chocolate.

Value your dignity more than money? This is a great phrase to use in all types of money offering situations. Let your friend know that you don’t need paying to help them move apartments, you’ll do it for free.

Okane wa iranai
I don't need money

Still full from lunch? Let your momma know that dinners off the menu for you tonight with this next phrase:

Yuushoku wa irimasen
I don't need dinner.

Finally, if you’re the type of person that has it all, then let the world know! You don’t need anything!

Watashi wa ima nanimo irimasen
I don't need anything now.

Great, so now we’ve looked at some example sentences, let’s now look at a great little study tip to help you get better at using いらない(Iranai)

 Please ensure that you actually go ahead and implement the next tip as it is by far the most important part of the lesson! Without implementing this you will definitely forget. Don’t be that guy who thinks they know it all, be a book worm and do this for you! . 

The effective study tip of the day  

What we want you to do is look over the sentences in the earlier segment and repeat them to yourself over and over again to become familiar with the patterns. From this you should then try and read them back to yourself in your head. Once you are familiar with the patterns, you can the go ahead and create your own examples. Only after you have completed this process will you be ready to take on the challenge of using it in real conversation.

So guys, we really hope you have enjoyed today’s online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo. It’s a really useful word to know for a lot of different situations. If you have any questions at all please let us know and we will get back to you. Lastly if you have any other ideas for content, please get in touch about that as well as we always love hearing what you guys want to hear. Have an amazing day and be sure to join us next time! 

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