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Tanner Arakaki

Beginner Teacher
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Self Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Tanner and I'm a Japanese American born and raised in Hawaii.

I understand how important it is to practice your conversational skills. You can study vocab and grammar a lot, but it would be difficult to communicate with others if you don't apply that knowledge in a conversational setting.

Well, that's what I'm here for! You can improve your conversational skills with me! I also a decent amount of slang words that you can use with your Japanese friends.

Please also view me more like a friend than a teacher as I want this to be a casual conversation session. I want people to enjoy speaking without being nervous. We can have a mixed conversation in English/Japanese or just in Japanese. Please let me know if you have a topic that you want to talk about! Otherwise, I'll choose a topic.

I can also do tutoring sessions with people that are taking beginner/intermediate level Japanese courses. Just let me know the general topic so that I can mentally prepare for it.

I look forward to seeing you!

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