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Ken Sensei

Beginner Teacher
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Self Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Ken. I was born and raised in Tokyo.

If you like structured classes, book the trial lesson today and start your Japanese study journey with me!


❏ Me as a Teacher & My Lessons

I was an English teacher at one of the biggest cram schools in Japan for 4 years. But after moving to the U.S in 2015. I started teaching Japanese online. From 2016, it became my full time job.

❏ Curriculum

Ken Sensei PERAPERA World


❏ Requirements For New Students

Before you book a trial lesson...

  • Please have a working camera on your computer
  • Please be able to read ひらがな and カタカナ with no problem (80% or above)
  • Please bring a GENKI 1 (or 2) or a とびら book to class

❏ Social Media


※Cancellation Policy※

Unfortunately, I only reschedule classes for cancellation for emergencies. If a student is more than 10 minutes late or is a no show, students will be charged for the entire lesson.

Average Price: 2,000 pt
Total number of booking: 36
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