GET EXP RANKING Campaign Vol.2


■Time Period
April 21st 2018 ~ May 7 23:59:59 JST  2018

Current Rank here

You can gain EXP when you do the following !

Action How many You can get ?
Watch videos 20EXP
Share to the Lingo Channel 70EXP
Comment to videos 30EXP
Follow other users 10EXP
Subscribe to the Lingo Channel 5000EXP
Like to videos 10EXP
Download videos(Only 1time) 500EXP
Bookmark videos(Only 1time) 500EXP
Write something on ASK 20EXP
Like on ASK 5EXP

The more you do the more EXP you gain!

At the end of the campaign, there will be rewards for the Top 30 users.

Rank Reward
Top #1 $20 iTunescard or Google play card
Top #2 Udemy $20 Japanese Lesson coupon
Top #3 Udemy $20 Japanese Lesson coupon
Top #4 ~ 10 300 FREE tokens
Top #11 ~ 20 100 FREE tokens
Top #21 ~ 30 50 FREE tokens

Start gaining and get to the top! Good luck!

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