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100% English-taught degrees in Hokkaido, Japan!

Hokkaido university

Hokkaido university is one of Japan’s top schools, located in Sapporo, the 5th largest city in the country. Most notable for having the largest campus in Japan, those who enjoy fresh air and nature would love the environment of this school. The school was founded in 1876, Japan’s first modern university.

This school also has a relatively big population, with over 18,000 students and about 4,000 professors. 6,000 of those 18,000 students are graduate, and 1,400 are foreign students.

The Hokkaido university offers Japanese language learning support, international student dormitories and also even special scholarships for foreign students.

The university also has exchange agreements with 57 different countries around the world making exchange possible for those who do not want to commit to a full term course.

Hokkaido university offers the following programs taught entirely in English:

Undergraduate programs

  1. Modern Japanese Studies Program
  2. Integrated Science Program

Graduate programs

  1. Engineering
    1. Environmental Engineering
    2. Field Engineering for Environment
    3. Human Environmental Systems
    4. Human Mechanical Systems and Design
    5. Materials Science and Engineering
    6. Applied Physics
    7. Architectural and Structural Design
    8. Energy and Environmental Systems
    9. Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
    10. Mechanical and Space Engineering
    11. Quantum Science and Engineering
    12. Sustainable Resources Engineering
  2. Veterinary Medicine
  3. Agriculture
    1. Division of Applied Bioscience
    2. Division of Bioresource and Product Science
    3. Division of Environmental Resources
    4. Division of Research Innovation and Cooperation
  4. Science
  5. Life Sciences
  6. Chemical Sciences and Engineering
  7. Environmental Science3

Kitami University (Institute of Technology)


Located in Kitami, Hokkaido, Kitami University is another public institution that offers a list of degree to international students in English.

This university is well equipped to host foreign students with a variety of support systems for those who are concerned about finding their way about in the beginning.

This school provides each new foreign student with a tutor to help them settle in. The school can also help you figure out your visa, housing, and various other concerns you may have.

There are Japanese government and privately sponsored scholarships

Undergraduate Programs

  1. School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Engineering
    1. Applied Energy Course Program
    2. Environment Protection and Disaster Prevention Course Program
    3. Advanced Materials Course Program
    4. Regional Management Engineering Course Program
  2. School or Regional Innovation and Social Design Engineering
    1. Intelligent Machines and Biomechanics Course Program
    2. Information Design and Communication Course Program
    3. Civil Infrastructure Course Program
    4. Biotechnology and Food Chemistry Course Program
    5. Regional Management Engineering Course Program

Masters Programs

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  4. Computer Sciences
  5. Biotechnology and Environmental Chemistry
  6. Materials Science and Engineering

Doctorate Programs

  1. Manufacturing Engineering
    1. Materials Manufacturing Engineering
    2. Manufacturing System Engineering
  2. Cold Regions, Environmental and Energy Engineering
    1. Cold Region Engineering
    2. Environmental and Energy Engineering
  3. Medical Engineering
    1. Biomechanical Engineering
    2. Biomedical Engineering

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