Shopping in Japanese: Your guide to the essential Japanese shopping phrases : Hello everyone and welcome to today’s online Japanese lesson. Have you ever wanted to go shopping in Japan? Today we are delving into the world of shopping and looking at the essential Japanese phrases you need to know so you will be able to shop in style no matter where you go.

Shopping in Japanese: Your guide to the essential Japanese shopping phrases

Imagine it for a second, you are walking down the luxurious shopping streets of Ginza and find yourself in a conversational exchange with the retail staff. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask for some discount? Well today we are going to learn all about that and more, you are going to be a shopping pro by the end of this lesson. Without further hesitation, lets get straight into today online Japanese lesson.

いくらですか  Ikura desu ka How much is it?

Our first phrase is possibly the most important, “how much is it” you can point to something and say いくらですか or you can add a nous to the beginning to be more specific kore wa ikura desu ka “how much is this” You don’t want to be caught out at the checkout without enough money. Make sure to ask before you get ripped off, this could end up saving you a lot of money..


割引ありますか Waribiki arimasu ka Do you have discount?

Once you’ve defined a price you should always try and push for a bit of a discount, especially if you are at the market or independent store. The way you as this is わりびきありますか Waribiki arimasu ka?

Odds are the friendly Japanese trader will be so impressed by your Japanese that they will apply discount without question. Remember to smile while saying this, that may be the deal breaker. It’s probably best not to use this while your in chain stores or more high class establishments, you may be laughed out the door or severely frowned upon.

黒はありますか Kuro wa arimasu ka Do you have it in black?

Struggling to find the colour that you like? Why not try asking for it in a different colour. Kuro ha arimasu ka means “ do you have one in black” but you can replace “kuro” with any colour that you like. If you’re like me then you pretty much want the cheapest and most comfortable thing, however if you are more fashion conscious, this will be a handy little phrase for you to utilize.


袋おねがいします Fukuro Onegaishimasu Can I have bag please

Thinking of carrying the items that you have just purchase home? Think again. With this next phrase you wont have to worry about being inconvenienced by carrying multiple items ever again. Fukuro onegaishimasu means “can I have a bag”. In Japan, bags are free so take as many as you like. With this phrase you will be able to solve all of your retail problems and unlock the power to obtain the epic “bag”.

何時まで空いてますかNanji made aitemasuka? What time are you open until?

Wondering what time the store is open until? Don’t sweat it. With this next phrase you will always be on time and ready to shop. If you are in a store and thinking of coming back later you can ask, “nanji made aitemasuka” this means “what time are you open until” This will help you avoid the disappointment of turning up later to buy your onions, only to find out that the store is closed, what a nightmare.


を探しています O sagashite imasu. I’m looking for.

Another important shopping factor is the ability to tell someone what you are looking for so they can help you find that item. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of chop sticks or the latest pokemon game, this phrase can help you find that item you are looking for. Use “ITEMをさがしています” to say “I’m looking for ITEM”. This is a really handy phrase for any shopping experience. The Japanese pride themselves on customer service, so they will be more than happy to assist you. 

試着できますか Shichaku Dekimasu Ka Can I try it on?

You can use “Shichaku Dekimasu ka” to ask a member of staff if you can try something on. This is really useful if you are wanting to see how something fits before committing to the purchase. It’s always polite to ask first before heading straight to the changing room. 

カードでお願いします  Kado de onegai shimasu I’ll pay with card please 

カードでお願いします is a great phrase to use if you want to use card to pay for you items. Nowadays people dont really carry cash anyway so this is a great phrase to use.

これを返品していもいいですか? Kore o henpin shite mo ii desu ka – Can I return this?

If you have purchased an item that you found fault with, you can return it with the phrase これをへんぴんしてもいいですか This means “Can i return this Item” This will definitely be helpful for you if you are looking to get your money back.

It’s a great idea to note down all of these phrases and practice them first in your head. Create some imaginary scenarios where you are in a store situation. You can now ask about a lot of things when it comes to shopping so make sure that you practice. If you do this, when it comes to the real deal, you should have no problem recalling these phrases.

So guys there we have it, you now know all the essential phrases for going shopping in Japan. Go out there and spend spend spend. We really hope you enjoyed todays online Japanese lesson about shopping in Japan and if you feel we missed any phrases, please leave a comment and we will get back to you. Have an amazing day everyone and see you in the next Japanese lesson. 

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