Learning the common phrases “kore wo kudasai(これをください)” : Hey guys, how’s it going today? Welcome to another awesome online Japanese lesson form Bondlingo. Today we are going to be looking at a super 유능한 phrase which you can use in your daily life in Japanese with a wide variety of situations. This phrase is:

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“kore wo kudasai(これをください)”

Kore wo kudasai
I’ll have this please

Can you imagine how many times you have used this phrase in your life? At the store, a restaurant, choosing a gift from a friend? There are countless situations where this phrase is going to be incredibly 유능한 for you. Today we are going to be looking at breaking down this phrase, learning how to use it in specific situations, and finally, looking at asking for other things. Eg “I want that please”, “I’ll take the lobster please” etc.

Excited? You should be, let’s jump head first into today’s online Japanese lesson!

Kore wo kudasai: Breaking down the structure.

So now we are going to be looking at the structure of this phrase, looking at it grammatically to learn the fundamentals of the 문법. This way, we will be able to use the structure with greater competency. Let’s first start by analysing each particular part.

우와동작 입자
쿠다 사이please

As you can see from this breakdown, the translation for this phrase is “This please”. It’s 유능한 to know that we can take away the これ of the sentence and replace that with any other nouns to represent what you want. For example:

If you were looking to buy two of something, you could say:

Futatsu wo kudasai
Two please

If you had seen something and then pointed to it to indicate you wanted it, you could say:

Sore wo kudasai
That please

If you wanted to talk about a specific item, for example an item from a menu, you could be more specific and say:

Banana wo kudasai
Banana please

This structure works with any nouns so take a moment now to try and think of some of the many ways that you could use this.

We are now going to look at some more examples of where you can use これをください along with many other sentences of the same structure to help you get used to the construct.  

Some Examples of をくださ 문장

So now we are going to look at some sentence structures for today’s common phrase. Be sure to repeat these sentences out loud to yourself at least 6 times. This way your brain will start getting used to the pattern and you will eventually be able to use this automatically. Take some time with this as it will require your undivided attention.

Aisu-kōhī-o kudasai
Please give me iced coffee
Mizu-o kudasai
Please give me water
Mittsu wo kudasai
Three please
ハンバーガーを いっこ ください
Hanba-ga- wo ikko kudasai
Please give me one burger

You can also add the number counter for the item you want after を and before ください to express the quantity that you would like to ask for.

Another tip that you may find 유능한 is that you can actually omit the を 입자 if you would like to be less formal and just say:

Kore kudasai
This please

We would recommend using this only in situations where you are comfortable with the person you are speaking to. Now we are going to look at a little exercise that you can implement to help you get the most out of today’s lesson.

Effective Study Exercise

Let’s have a look now at today’s effective study exercise.  What we would like you to do is think of 10 items that you would like to have in your life. We want you to use www.jisho.org to translate those words into Japanese if you don’t already know them. Finally, go ahead and add をください to these words to create 10 epic sentences of your own. Repeat these to yourself over and over again to let the pattern sync in. This is also an awesome way to learn some powerful new 어휘 words that you can now use within your Japanese. Great job guys, get that done and you will have this nailed no problem.  

So that was today’s ultra-cool lesson on the common Japanese phrase “kore wo kudasai”. We really hope that you enjoyed the lesson and found the content 유능한. Remember to implement the effective study exercise too as that is super important for retention. As always, if you have any questions about today’s lesson or further ideas for content that you would like us to talk about then please to get in touch with us. Have a great day everyone and remember to keep studying. 頑張ってね.

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