In the previous article about Japanese language schools, we discussed the two types of Japanese language schools that one can take before a prospective student can take the Japanese university entrance exam, or apply for full-time employment in Japan.

In this article, we will first again explain what a Japanese language school is. Then we will introduce a few schools that are excellent for foreign students who want to study Japanese, especially in the former and ancient capital city, Kyoto. 

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Japanese Language Schools in the Ancient Capital ,Kyoto


Besides universities having Japanese language courses in which foreign students can take, another common Japanese language school is run by private businesses who run these schools.

However, the definition of such Japanese language schools is regulated and approved by the Ministry of Justice and have an official list on its website that shows which schools are approved. 

senmon gakko/専門学校 ?

There are many different types of Japanese language schools, which can range from specialized training schools (senshu gakko/専修学), vocational colleges (senmon gakko/専門学校), educational institutions categorized as various schools (kakushu gakko/各種学校), and other establishments similar to kakushu gakko. 

If you are interested in taking such courses at these Japanese language schools, the Ministry of Justice advises all prospective students to check its website and see the official list to ensure that it is Ministry approved.

The classification for students studying at such Japanese language schools may enter Japan under the status of “exchange student” for residence type.

In the previous article, we introduced several schools that were in the region of Tokyo. Although there are many Japanese language schools in the capital city, there are some good Japanese language schools in the former ancient capital of Kyoto as well. 

Kyoto, which many calls it the “Thousand-year-old capital (Sennen no Miyako/千年の都), is the birthplace of the Japanese characters of hiragana and katakana. It is also one of the leading academic cities in Japan, with Kyoto University being one of the former prestigious Imperial Universities of Japan.


For some, this city could be a perfect place to learn about the Japanese language, culture, and society in the former capital. Below, are some Japanese language schools to potentially look in to.

School interview video

ISI ランゲージスクール京都校 (ISI Language School Kyoto)

School Fees (12 Months as of 2019-2020)

Application Fee22,000 Yen
Enrollment/Entrance Fee55,000 Yen
Tuition 680,000 Yen
Material fee33,000 Yen
Facility fee33,000 Yen
Other Fees99,000 Yen

Other Information

Number of Students211
Number of Teachers22 (Including Full-time Teachers: 6 )
RequirementCompletion of 12 years of formal school education or equivalent
Admissions January, April, July, October

As previously recommended in the Tokyo article of Japanese language schools, ISI Language School is recommended for students who are aiming to enter a Japanese university. The Kyoto campus recently opened in the year of 2017 and has advertised that the facility has brand new facilities and buildings.

In addition, the Kyoto campus of the ISI Language School has features such as access to higher education such as university and college. Also, the school has detailed instructions by devoted teachers with high leadership ability. Furthermore, the school has community-based events are held to interact with the local Japanese people.

ISI Language School’s Kyoto campus states that their curriculum and teaching materials are taught at a calm pace which is less intense compared to the Tokyo campus. The school also states that a student can expect to enjoy exploring Japan, at the same time being able to effectively do one’s studies.

The Kyoto campus of ISI Language School states that their staff is native English speakers so translators are not necessary. In addition, the Japanese language school offers multiple types of accommodation from student dorms to a homestay.

The location is also good as well. It is a good walk away from Nijo Castle and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. 

ISI Japanese Language School’s Kyoto campus course lengths differ, determining the status of visa residency in Japan and how long one is planning to attend certain programs. For further information about cost and applications as a prospective student, please check the ISI Japanese Language School’s official website.

ARC 京都日本語学校 (ARC Academy Kyoto School)

School Fees (12 Months as of 2019-2020)

Application Fee30,000 Yen
Enrollment/Entrance Fee70,000 Yen
Tuition 720,000 Yen
Material fee1,500 to 3,000 Yen per book

Other Information

Number of Students163
Number of Teachers6
RequirementApplicants must have a high school degree or higher (having completed at least a 12-year basic education cycle).
Admissions January, April, July, October

Like the ISI Language Schools, the ARC Academy Schools have locations throughout large cities of Japan and has a school located in Tokyo. As a whole ARC Academy states that they specialize both in long and short term courses.

The Japanese language school focuses on teaching students on how to acquire fluent communication skills in Japanese in order to live and perhaps reside long-term in Japan. In addition, all of the Japanese teachers are fully certified.

On average the Kyoto campus of ARC Academy School states that the intensity of studying is not as heavy. Like the ISI Language School, the school teaches at a calm pace in which balances between studying and perhaps exploring the 1000-year-old capital. 

Like the Kyoto campus of ISI Language School, the Kyoto campus of ARC Academy School states that their staff is native English speakers so translators are not necessary.

However, accommodations by ARC are not available and instead must be done by yourself. But still, ARC Academy School offers employment support for those looking and need help with the job application process. 

The location of the Japanese language school is an excellent place as well. It is in the middle and in between of Nijo Castle and the Kyoto Imperial Palace, which are major tourist must-visit sites.

As such this may be good for prospective students who may want to study Japan in a somewhat serious but relaxed environment, but at the same time explore Kyoto and Japan.

Happy school hunting!

I hope this article was helpful to again understand what Japanese language schools are and what are some of the well-reviewed schools are. Once again, as a reminder to make sure to check what are the application requirements and deadlines since most schools have differing deadlines.

Furthermore, make sure to do research on the school, to see if a school that you may want to attend is right for you. Happy school hunting!

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