Learning about the Japanese Particle “monono” : Hey guys, How are you on this wonderful day? Welcome to another incredible Japanese lesson from the one and only Bondlingo! Boy do we have a treat for you guys. We are going to be looking at a piece of grammar from the JLPT N2 exam which is “Monono ものの” and this means “although, but, even though” in English.

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Learning about the Japanese Particle “monono”

This is going to be a really fun lesson today as we are going to make sure that you go away, after reading this article, confident in your ability to use this awesome particle. First, we will be breaking down the grammar, looking at how it is made up and connected to other verbs, nouns and adjectives. Next, we will be looking at some example sentences that use ものの. Lastly, we will be topping it all off with a super effective study technique that you can put into action to ensure mastery of its usage.

Breaking down ものの how do we use this particle?

Ok first, lets have a look at how we use ものの and break down the grammar too.

It’s worth noting that “monono” Is certainly a more advanced grammar point and works similarly to “keredomo”.

When using “monono” with verbs, ii / na adjectives and nouns you have to follow a certain set of grammar rules, see below:

  • Verb-casual + ものの
  • Noun + であるものの
  • いadj + ものの
  • なadj + なものの

Let’s have a look at a basic example now to see how it works.

fuyu de aru monono, mada atsui.
Although it's winter, it is still hot.

This is a nice simple example to start you off with. Look how the particle adds the meaning of “although” to the sentence.

Now we are going to look at some more example sentences to really help you get a good grip on the use of the particle.

Examples sentences with “monono”.

Let’s have a look now at a few wonderful example sentences to help you get comfortable with the phrase.

untenshu wa sokudo o otoshi wa shita mono no kuruma o tomenakatta.
The driver slowed down but didn’t stop.

Here “monono” is expressing “but”

moushikomi wa shita monono, shiken o ukeru ka dou ka mitei desu.
Although I applied to take the test, I'm not sure if I'll take it or not.

Here “monono” is expressing “although”

katta monono, tsukaikata ga wakaranai.
Although I bought it, I don't know how to use it.

Here “monono” is expressing “although”

kinketsu de wa aru monono, mainichi oishii shokuji o tanoshindeiru.
Even though I'm broke, every day I enjoy a delicious meal.

Here “monono” is expressing “Even though”

It is sometimes hard to distinguish the difference between, but, although and even though, so don’t worry about too much about that for the time being.

Fantastic guys, now you have got a bit more familiar with the grammar and its use in every day conversation, lets now have a look at a super effective study technique to help you not only remember the phrase, but master it and become able to use it for yourself.

An effective study tip to help you master the usage of ものの.

So now let’s get into today’s effective study tip. This is arguably the most important part of the process so make sure that you really work hard on this and don’t skip it. What you need to do first it open a blank word document or grab yourself a notebook if you’re old school.

First, we want you to write the sentences from this lesson down for yourself. Read these sentences out loud 5 – 6 times until you remember the pattern and try to translate them back into English. Now create 5 – 6 sentences of your own and repeat the process once again. Do this for the next couple of days and you will have mastered the usage of “monono” and will have become able to use this moving forward fluently in your Japanese communication

Well guys, there we have it, we really hope you have enjoyed todays online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo. As always if you have any burning questions or ideas for new content that you would like us to write about, do not hesitate to get in touch as we always love hearing about your ideas. Until next time guys, keep studying hard and see you in the next lesson. またね.

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