Learn the Top 15 flattering Japanese Phrases : Hey guys, how are you today? Wow, you are looking good, have you been working out? That’s just an example of some of the flattering phrases we will be learning in today’s online Japanese lesson.

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Start using compliments in Japanese with our 1op 15 flattering phrases

It always pays to throw a compliment out every now and then and it’s important to let people know you recognise their efforts and character. That is why we thought it would be important today to look at the top 15 flattering phrases that you can use in Japanese.

These phrases are going to be easy to pick up and use so you can start paying compliments to people right away. So, let’s get right into today’s online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo.  

Flattery phrases for romance

Firstly, we are going to kick things off by looking at some flattery phrases to use romantically in Japanese. These first set of phrases can be used on a date, with someone you like to try and win them over or to keep the spark in your relationship alive. Let us take a look.

Flattery phrases for romance
Flattery phrases for romance
Those shoes looks nice on you.
Sono kutsu, niatte imasu ne.
You are handsome.
Totemo Hansamu desu ne.
Your smile is beautiful.
Egao ga kirei desu.

Try and use these phrases to make sure that special person knows how much they mean to you. Now we are going to move on to some work-related flattery.

Work related flattery

Whether you are looking to move up the career ladder with that silver tongue or genuinely want to compliment someone on their hard work. These phrases are going to be the perfect flattery vehicles to accomplish that goal.

You make me want to be a better person.

Itsumo pojitibu da ne
You’re always positive.
Great job!
Yoku yatta!
You make me want to be a better person.
Anata o mite ru to, motto jibun o migakanakya tte kimochi ni narimasu.
You’re clever
Atama ga ii desu ne!

So remember to practice these phrases if you are working and want to spread those positive vibes. Also these could translate well into an education setting so if you are a student at school or university, try giving them a whirl there too. Now we are going to have a look at our next flattery category.  

Flattery for friendships

Friendships are a special bonds between people that share some common themes and perhaps sometimes share similar interests and values. It’s a person that you want to be around because they make you want to be better or make you feel better. We are now going to look at some flattering Japanese phrases that you can use to remind that special friend how much you value your friendship.

You are an amazing friend.
Anata wa saikō no tomodachi da
You have a great sense of humor.
Batsugun no yūmoa no sensu o motte iru ne.
You have good taste.
Sensu ga ii ne.
You have a way with words.
Hanashijōzu da ne.

Your family are important to you and you should try to remind them of that fact as much as possible.

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Flattery for family

Family relationships can be easily taken for granted, especially from the younger generation towards the older. It’s important to let your elders know how important they are in your life as without them you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Here are some nice phrases you can use to make some compliments and flatter those important family members.

I love your cooking.
Kimi no tsukuru ryōri ga daisuki desu.
I’m proud of you
Anata ni Hokori ni omou
You’re very brave.
anata wa totemo yuukan da.

 Now that you have learnt 15 new flattering Japanese phrases its time to get out there and start putting them to good use. You can put into practice the most appropriate phrases starting right now. This is our challenge for you today, and in doing so you will learn to master these phrases even better.  

So guys that was today’s online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo on the top 15 flattering Japanese phrases. We really hope you enjoyed today’s lesson and picked up a thing or two. We always recommend trying out this new vocabulary as soon as possible so you can retain the information more effectively.

As always if you have any questions for us on today’s article or ideas for future content that you would like to cover, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Have a great day guys and we will see you in the next online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo. またね.

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