nihongolingo花金 | TGIF 🎉 😪🤪

意味 | Meaning: It’s Friday, 金曜日です!

I’m so glad it’s the weekend; TGIF!


nihongolingoマブダチ | Homie 👯‍♀️😎

意味 | Meaning: Close friend, 仲がいい友達!

Follow for new vocabulary and photos of America / Japan!

nihongolingoググレカス | Google It 😤🤬📱

意味 | Meaning: Look it up yourself, 自分で調べてください

“If you don’t know what it means, just Google it.”

nihongolingoサツ | Po-Po 👮🏻‍♀️🚓👮🏻‍♂️

意味 | Meaning: The police, feds, 警官、警察

“Don’t ever run from the Po-Po!”


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