How to use the Japanese 유능한 phrase: 오츠 카레 사마 お疲れ様(おつかれさま) : 방금 일본에서 직업을 얻으 셨다면, 반드시 "오츠 카레 사마". 이 문구는 실제로 영어로 직접 번역하기가 어렵 기 때문에 오늘이 멋진 단어를 해독하고 일본의 비즈니스 세계에서 사용하는 방법을 알려줍니다.

오츠 카레 사마
오츠 카레 사마
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그 의미 오츠 카레 사마 お疲れ様(おつかれさま)

The Japanese phrase “오츠 카레 사마” is a business phrase used often in the workplace. You may recognise one of the more common Japanese with this word "싫증 나다"를 의미하는 "쓰 카레 루""또는"피곤하다 ". 이 말이 맞죠? 직장에서 긴 하루를 보내고 나면 지치고있어 어쩌면 그 일과 관련이 있습니까? 잘못된!

The true meaning of “오츠 카레 사마” is to show your gratitude towards your colleagues. Keiko san이 함께 힘든 하루 일과를 마치고 사무실을 떠날 예정이라고 가정 해 보겠습니다. 오늘은 그녀가 열심히 노력한 것에 대해 감사 드리는 완벽한 시간입니다.

In English we would more than likely say, great work or good job today, but this doesn’t have the same feel as “오츠 카레 사마". 오츠 카레 사마 has a deeper feeling of respect towards your colleague in comparison to an off the cuff compliment at the end of the day.

When should I use 오츠 카레 사마?

언제 오츠 카 레사 마를 사용해야합니까?
When should I use 오츠 카레 사마?

So there are actually situations where 오츠 카레 사마 could be used, BOTH inside and out of the workplace. You will hear it so many times, day to day, in the workplace it’s unbelievable. Now we are going to look at how and when to use 오츠 카레 사마 so you can start blending in seamlessly to your new workplace culture.

Otsukaresama –사용법 1 : 퇴근 후

Otsukaresama -Usage 1: After work
오츠 카레 사마사용법 1 : 퇴근 후

첫 번째 상황과 가장 이해하기 쉬운 것은 근무일이 끝난 시점입니다. 영업일이 올 때 말할 수 있습니다. "오츠 카레 사마 Deshita” to everyone who was working with you that day as a sign of gratitude for their efforts. 또한 팀 유대감에 좋으며 팀 내의 사기를 높입니다. 일본에서는 술 한 잔을 마시고 나서는 일도 매우 힘듭니다. 단호한 노력에 대한 보상으로서 그리고 긴장을 푸는 가장 좋은 방법입니다.

Otsukaresama – 사용법 2 : 직장에서 

From bumping into a colleague at the water cooler, to crossing paths in the IT room, it’s never a bad time to throw out an 오츠 카레 사마. People may feel that it is too much sometimes but it’s a really great way to make people feel valued and motivated.

It is very common after the close of a meeting or presentation to use 오츠 카레 사마 to thank everyone for taking part.

If a colleague has completed a project or hit a goal, then 오츠 카레 사마 can be used! It’s all about feeling valued along with a sense of recognition. Wouldn’t you like to hear this from all of your colleagues at work? The world would be a much nicer place to live in, that’s for sure.

Otsukaresama – 사용법 3 : 직장에 도착.

Otsukaresama - Usage 3: Arriving at work.
오츠 카레 사마사용법 3 : 직장에 도착.

Now this seems like a strange place to use 오츠 카레 사마 as you’ve just arrived at work 아직 아무 것도 안 했니? 막 도착한 당신의 일에 대해 왜 감사 드립니까? 꽤 좋은데.

Well actually it’s very common place to use 오츠 카레 사마 at the beginning of the day to greet your colleagues. In this scenario it’s more commonly associated as a “Hi” and is seen as the perfect conversation starter for the Japanese workday.

Otsukaresama – 사용법 4 : 업무 외

지금 you can also use 오츠 카레 사마 when you meet up with your friends, family or other people you know. If you know that they are also fellow workers just like you and would like to compliment and recognize their efforts of the day you can use 오츠 카레 사마 in that situation. However, using 오츠 카레 사마 with your work colleagues has a much deeper meaning than with people who you know work like you but not within the same organisation.

So that was a nice summary of all the different situations to use 오츠 카레 사마, let’s now look finally at Desu and Deshita. 

오츠 카 레사 마 데스 대 오츠 카 레사 마 데 시타

"오츠 카레 사마 Desu” and “Otukaresama Deshita” are both commonly used, but what is the difference?

Otuskuaresama Deshita는 작업이 끝났음을 의미합니다., however the differences are really tricky and are used in many different contexts. Our best advice is to stick with 오츠 카레 사마 Desu as a safe option. This will ensure you are always using the phrase correctly and keep you in high regard with your co workers and colleagues.

So guys we hope you have enjoyed this article on the use of the phrase, “오츠 카레 사마” in the workplace and beyond. Go ahead and apply it in your workplace and spread the recognition and motivation to as many people as you can. 

오츠 카레 사마 お疲れ様(おつかれさま)!

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