How to pick up guys in Japanese : So you are looking to pick up guys in Japan? Well this shouldn’t be too hard. If you’re in the market for 사랑, let us help you with our ultimate Japanese guide on how to pick up men in Japan.

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Hey guys and girls, welcome to another online Japanese article from Bondlingo. Today, we are going be looking at all the essential Japanese you are going to need to know to make a good impression with guys in Japan. This will be everything from the way you speak to specific phrases you can use to really help turn on the charm.

No matter where you meet these guys, online, in game, or even, god forbid, In real life, we are going to be giving you the low down on how to grab yourself a Japanese dude. If you’re ready to get started, perhaps your new future will be just an article away.

The basic need to knows!

If you’re feeling those butterflies of 사랑 flapping around inside you when you see him, you must be in 사랑! You are ready for the next move

 In Japan, romance develops a lot more slowly than it does in the western world. Guys like to take their time so you shouldn’t be worried if he’s not texting you 24/7 or calling you up every 5 minutes.

The main basics you need to remember is that Japanese uses a lot of gender based language. For example, if you are a woman, you will not want to go around saying boku ぼくore ore おれ all the time, as this is seen as a very masculine way of speaking. Instead you are going to want to refer to yourself with わたし “watashi” instead as this is more lady like. There’s nothing worse than been seen as “one of the guys” or you may end up being trapped in the friend zone forever.

The essential lines to be able to pick up a Japanese guy

The essential lines to be able to pick up a Japanese guy
The essential lines to be able to pick up a Japanese guy

So we are now going to be having a look at some of the most essential lines to help you pick up Japanese guys, lets take a look at the first one.

すみません、英語が分かりますか?(すみません、えいごが わかりますか?)
Excuse me. Do you understand English?

If you are not comfortable in Japanese, there is a very high chance that the guy you like will speak a little English too. This way you can identify if you need to try a little harder with your Japanese studies if you really want to land this guy.

綺麗ですね。もしかしてモデルさん?(きれいですね。もしかして もでるさん?)
You are beautiful. are you a model?

If you want to give off that confidence that guys 사랑, you can be super forward and go straight in with a killer compliment like this. This may not work for everyone but hey its worth a shot.

Asking Someone Out

Japanese Men on 데이트 Foreign Women (Interview)
Will you go out with me?

Ah the dreaded question. This must be one of the hardest things to say when it comes to 데이트, making it official. This is the phrase you can use to really seal the deal.

遊びに行こう!(あそびに いこう!)
Let’s hang out!

If you want to do something fun with your crush, but don’t want to classify it as a date just yet, you can ask them to just hang out for a while and get to know each other without the 데이트 pressure.

一緒にいたい!(いっしょに いたい!)
I want to spend time with you.

This is a great way to start letting your crush know that you are serious about getting to know them. Use this when you want to start taking things to the next level.

誰か紹介してくれませんか?(だれか しょうかいしてくれませんか?)
Could you introduce me to (hook me up with) someone?

Having trouble finding the right guy? Sometimes your friends may have some great contact that can lead to the right person. If you are looking for new opportunities this is a great phrase you can use.

Let’s hold hands!

If you are feeling that your relationship is on the “hand holding” level you can use this phrase to get the ball rolling.

Let’s hug.

A hug is a great way to go if you are not yet ready for the fated kiss, however if you are ready for that stage you can use:

I want to kiss you.

Just make sure you have their consent! You dont want this turning ugly. 

Well guys we really hope that you enjoyed today’s online Japanese article on how-to pick-up guys in Japan with Japanese. Remember to always be respectful in your approach to 사랑. If you have any more questions or more ideas for content, we would 사랑 to hear about those too. Until next time guys, またね.

BondLingo로 온라인으로 일본어 배우기

BondLingo로 온라인으로 일본어 배우기

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