Hey guys how’s it going today? Welcome to another insanely awesome Japanese lesson from the one and only Bondlingo. Today we are going to be look at how you can improve your 한자 knowledge fast! We know the pain of the 한자, it is certainly a slow and painful process. We also know that it can be super rewarding and is also essential for your progression with Japanese comprehension.

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With that in mind, today we are going to look at some awesome routines that you can adopt to ensure that you really learn how to improve your knowledge fast. We will also be talking about some of the best resources that are available for you to use and make work for you. So it’s time to start expanding your 한자 knowledge at an incredible pace! Sit back and let Bondlingo guide you through this 한자 knowledge journey.

It’s all about the routine

So, you’ve been studying Japanese for a while but find yourself frustrated with your 한자 learning speed? We know how it feels. No matter how many times you look at the 한자 the readings just won’t come to you. Maybe the 한자 looks too similar to another any you are getting confused?

Well, we’ve got the cure! It’s all about the routine. Routines are the day by day building blocks that create success inch by inch through both dedication and hard work. Without routine our lives fall apart, and we lose motivation, it’s the easiest way to fall into a rut.

So, with that being said, we are now going to introduce you to our favourite 한자 routine that will ensure that you gain some real traction with your 한자 knowledge, and fast!

We recommend that you split this routine up into 2 sections. It will take 40 minutes out of your day so dedicate 20 minutes in the morning and then the other 20 minutes when you get home form work or your studies.

Routine 1 – Create

So with the first routine you are going to want to first get yourself into a quiet study space where you can concentrate. You will need to choose 6 한자 that you will be focusing on for each day. We will more about this in the recourses sections that is coming up shortly. From this, you are going to want to first analyse the radicals for each 한자. Look at the individual elements of each 한자 and create a story that will help you remember both the On Yomi and Kun Yomi readings.

Once you have a crazy story made up for the 한자 you are going to want to write them down next to the 한자 too.

Take a look at this example for reference:

恥 we have the 한자 here for 恥ずかしい Hazukashii. Within in this 한자 we have 2 other kanjis, 心 kokoro heart and 耳 mimi ears. You have to make a story that includes both 한자. For example, imagine that your ears are a heart shape, you would be embarrassed walking around. That’s exactly the type of story you need to make for each 한자.

That’s the first routine done and dusted, we are now going to move to the second routine which is the testing phase


Routine 2 – Use and Remember

Now after a few hours you are going to want to try the second routine. For this you are going to need a programme called “Anki”, a flash card based special repetition programme. Once you have downloaded the programme, input the 6 한자 into it from the earlier session. Make sure the 한자 is at the front and both readings of the 한자 on the back. You can also add a note with your creative story to help you remember them. Once that’s been done, you should run through them on every session as your amount of studied 한자 builds. Next use those 6 한자 that you’ve learnt and write 6 sentences. This will really help with knowledge retention.

Doing this consistently over a month will ensure that you are consistently learning around 180 한자 to a high standard. Do this for a year and you will have sufficient 한자 knowledge to tackle almost anything, Now we need to have a quick look at some resources that are available to you to ensure that you keep your stream of 한자 coming through.

Let’s have a look at some epic resources

Some of the best recourses that you can use are online, simply run a google search for the 2The Jouyou 한자” which is a list of the most commonly used 2100 한자 out there. You can run down this list with our routine until you complete unit . You can also  find a fantastic book called “remembering the 한자” by James W. Heisig that helps with creative stories too.

Thanks for reading today online Japanese article from Bondling. 


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