Today’s blog is focussed on goal setting, Setting goals is of the utmost impotance for getting the results you desire with Japanese. It can also be great for your mental focus and productivity. Setting mini goals is a sure fire way to get the most out of your time through mini check points in your learning processes.

Goal Setting – How to master Japanese language

So lets start to glimpse at what these checkpoints could look like:

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You could set it out in a weekly plan like this:

Week 1:  Learn 30 new words

Week 2: Learn 20 new Kanji

Week 3:  Learn 5 new grammar concepts

Week 4: Write a story in Japanese

Week 5: Complete 10 hours of listening practice

Or a monthly plan like this:

Month 1: Complete half of the text book

Month 2: Add 300 new words into my vocabulary

Month 3: Complete other half of the text book

Month 4 & 5: Complete call the n4 Kanji

These plans are really effective as they keep you from trying to do too much and keep you focussed on a specific goal. These also give you an amazing sense of achievement and motivation to keep going once you complete them.

It is also important to have long term yearly goals in your mind. This way you can structure your monthly and weekly goals.

Here is an example:

Year 1: : Be able to read and write over 500 Kanji – Be able to read simple text.

Year 2: Be able to read and write over 1000 Kanji – Be able to read short articles and stories.

Year 3: Be able to read and write over 1500 Kanji – Be able to grasp news stories and advanced articles.

Think of it like a game and you are trying to complete the levels one by one. This way you can keep it attainable and really fun.

Personally I like to have a test in mind to take. This gives you a nice aim and a structured deadline which makes you study harder than normal. The JLPT test is perfect for this as it can be booked far in advance and is a great measure of your comprehension ability.

I would recommend that you get this booked in right away!

Guys you need to start doing this now it is honestly so helpful and will keep you from losing motivation at all costs.

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