Would you like to study overseas in Japan, especially Tokyo, but hesitate due to your lacking Japanese language skill?
All programs in this list are located in Tokyo’s most famous universities and are conducted in 100% English.

Studying in Tokyo is a truly unforgettable experience, where you get to spend your free time doing anything your heart desires due to the extreme convenience and size of the city. With cafes, department stores, parks, libraries, bars, gyms, etc. all within a close distance by train to all schools on this list, your life as a student can just as you wish it to be.

School entrance timing is available in both the spring and fall, depending on the university and program.

For further information, please reference the school’s official websites.  

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English Taught Degrees List in Tokyo Universities

Waseda UniversityStudy in Tokyo

Private university located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Waseda is a popular university for foreign students with a high number of them. Did you know that 7 of Japan’s prime ministers attended Waseda ? In addition, it’s ranked 2nd in Japan for post-grad employability.

Tuition averages about 1,300,000 Japanese yen, or roughly 13,000 USD per year for undergraduate and graduate students. However depending on the school, the fees can vary greatly.

Undergraduate Schools of :

  1. Political Science and Economics
  2. Social Sciences: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation
  3. International Liberal Studies
  4. Culture, Media and Society: Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program
  5. Fundamental Science and Engineering
  6. Creative Science and Engineering
  7. Advanced Science and Engineering

Graduate Schools of:

  1. Political Science
  2. Economics
  3. Law
  4. Letters, Arts, and Sciences (Doctoral)
  5. Commerce (Doctoral)
  6. Fundamental Science and Engineering
  7. Creative Science and Engineering
  8. Advanced Science and Engineering
  9. Social Sciences
  10. Sport Sciences
  11. International Culture and Communication Studies
  12. Asia-Pacific Studies
  13. Information, Production and Systems
  14. Environment and Energy Engineering (Doctoral)

University of Tokyo – Study in Tokyo

Located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, The University of Tokyo is regarded as the Harvard of Japan. Being the country’s top school, passing the entrance exam for many is the accomplishment of a lifetime. The University of Tokyo boasts of having the most Nobel Prize winner alumni in Japan.

Lucky for foreign students, an entrance exam isn’t required. Instead, a typical document screening is the application procedure. It is a public university in Japan, meaning lower tuition and higher reputation and esteem. Their tuition averages around 535,800 Japanese yen, roughly 5,300 USD.


Undergraduate Programs:

  1. International Program on Environmental Sciences
  2. International Program on Japan in East Asia
  3. Chemistry, Faculty of Science

Graduate schools of :

  1. Economics
  2. Arts and Sciences
  3. Science
  4. Engineering
  5. Agriculture and Life Sciences
  6. Medicine
  7. Frontier Sciences
  8. Information Science and Technology
  9. Interdisciplinary Information Studies
  10. Public Policy

Meiji University Study in Tokyo

Meiji University ranks solidly among the best universities in Japan. Tuition fees are around 1,043,000 Japanese yen, or about 10,000 USD. The university is located in Chiyoda City, Tokyo.

Meiji is perhaps most well known for its legendary baseball team. While studying here, there are many different kinds of clubs you can join to make new friends ! There are over 1,000 international students at Meiji, so you can feel right at home all the way in Japan!


Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Global Japanese Studies

Graduate Programs:

  1. Architecture- School of Science and Technology
  2. Mathematics, Information Science and Statistics
  3. Global Governance
  4. Governance Studies

Sophia University Study in Tokyo

Sophia is a private Jesuit top University located in Yotsuya, Tokyo. Notable alumni include famous Japanese politicians and Morihiro Hosokawa, the 79th prime minister of Japan, and CEOs of famous companies. The annual tuition is around 1,300,000 Japanese yen, about 13,000 USD. At Sophia, there’s an international student dormitory called Soshigaya International House that can act as a vital support network your first year abroad.

Undergraduate programs:

  1. Liberal Arts
  2. Engineering and Applied Sciences
  3. Materials and Life Sciences- Green Science

Graduate programs:

  1. Global Environmental Studies
  2. Global Studies

Keio University

Tuition fees are roughly 900,000 Japanese yen, or 9,000 USD. Located in Mita, Minato, Tokyo, this school is conveniently located in a central area with lots to do during off-time with friends. Keio is famous for being one of Japan’s oldest and most well established institutions.

Undergraduate programs:

  1. Environment and Information Studies
  2. Policy management
  3. Economics

Graduate programs:

  1. Advanced Science and Technology
  2. Media and Governance

General Notes / Conclusion

Many international students in Japan who do not have the means to cover all their tuition or living expenses are often able to receive some form of scholarship, thanks to the Japanese government’s initiative to increase the number of students from overseas in an effort to globalize the campus and expose Japanese students to English.

In addition, all of these schools should be able to sponsor its foreign students with a student visa.

Classes of the English-taught degree programs in Japan are often comprised of students from all around the world, including South-East Asia, Europe, Africa, etc.

On top of being able to make friends from all around the world, you can learn Japanese in your free time. By time of graduation it is common for students to have a strong understanding of Japanese.

Many students after completing their studies in Japan decide to stay and enter the workforce or continue their studies both inside of Japan and overseas.

Keep in mind, this article only covered the universities located in Tokyo. There are so many more in the countryside that has a lower cost of living and slower paced feeling. A part 2 may be coming soon covering those not yet discussed!  

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