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Warum sollte ich Japanisch lernen?

Hey guys and welcome to today’s online Japanese lesson from Bondlingo. Today we are going to be talking all about the benefits of learning Japanese. Whether you are thinking about starting to Japanisch lernen or already studying and wondering what the benefits of mastering Japanese are, we are going to cover all the ways learning the Japanese language can benefit you.

Firstly, we are going to start by looking at a bit of a general overview of how knowing a second language can take you to places you may never have dreamt of.

What are the benefits of knowing a second language?

When you hear someone speaking a second language fluently it just sounds so magical. Not only is it extremely helpful when it comes to travelling and getting around, it opens social, financial and spiritual opportunities not accessible to others.

What are the benefits of knowing a second language?
What are the benefits of knowing a second language?

Even with the technology we have nowadays we are still very much restricted in our ability to communicate fluently across the world with speakers of other languages. Without a deep and rich understanding of our target language’s country and its culture, things can often get lost in translation.

Knowing a second language shows that you are passionate, determined and open minded, willing to expand your views and experience what the world has to offer.

Knowing any second language is amazing, but today we are going to talk specifically about the benefits of the Japanese language.

A vast array of potential job opportunities

It goes without saying that knowing Japanese will open more career opportunities both in Japan and overseas. Whether it’s working as a teacher, interpreter, programmer, or office worker, you are going to have the upper hand if you can speak Japanese over other foreigners.  

What are the benefits of knowing a second language?
What are the benefits of knowing a second language?

Most Japanese companies’ wont interview you unless you can present them with a JLPT N2 oder N1 qualification, so once you achieve this, you will be able to land more and more interviews.  

Enjoying the good stuff (Especially the weebs)

One of the main motivations for learning Japanese we hear often is, “I want to watch anime without the subtitles”. Well yeah, that’s fantastic, that is a reward that you can enjoy when you get far enough on your journey.

However, it doesn’t have to stop there. There is a vast array of rich media content in Japan which is unlike anywhere else in the world. You will be able to enjoy dramas, traditional plays and theatre shows, literature, manga.

This is not something that you have to wait to get into until you master Japanese too. You can find media that cater to all levels and will definitely make you learning experience much more enjoyable.

Lerne Japanisch online mit BondLingo

Social life expansion

Another great benefit of learning Japanese is that you will be able to sky rocket your social life. Not only are you seen as a person of high intelligence and a person that people want to associate with if you can speak Japanese well, but you will also be able to develop deeper and more long lasting relationships.

Deeply expressing yourself and understanding others is at the heart of any real relationship. This is something that you can only acquire once you are at an advanced level of Japanese.

You can enjoy the benefits of doing things in Japanese with your friends such as going to the izakaya, sightseeing, traditional tours and much much more.  

Being on the inside of a Japanese friend group is only really going to happen if you can speak good Japanese. (However, if they can speak great English you should be fine)

A healthier brain and a growth mindset.

After formal education, the majority of the population settle into a state of comfort in which they choose not to challenge their brains. When you set your mind to learn a language like Japanese, especially with its complex writing systems, you are giving your brain complex challenges which is important for the longevity of your cognitive system.

Progress is what we are all longing for, whether we know it or not. Growth and progress is what makes us happy and fulfilled. When you commit to learning Japanese, or any other language, the discipline and routine that you set yourself contributes towards that feeling of fulfilment and happiness. The next time you are knee deep in Kanji thinking “how did I get here”, just remember that those moments of struggle are mostly followed by fulfilment

Thanks for checking out today’s blog on the benefits of learning Japanese. We hope that this has opened your eyes to the rewards that learning Japanese, or any other language, can hold for you.

Remember these benefits when you are feeling tired and fed up with studying. The “want” factor is the single most powerful tool in your language learning arsenal to bring you closer to fluency.

Okay guys, we really hope you enjoyed today’s online Japanese lesson and if you have any questions or ideas for more content, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. See you again and take it easy! またね。

Lerne Japanisch online mit BondLingo

Japanisch lernen Online mit BondLingo

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